Imma bout to study this face of mine right off my skull. I hope my thursday exams are prepared to get their asses kicked.


i never hit reblog so fast in my life


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Sunk in that warped tour is a strong possibility and watsky is gonna be there and i will probably literally pee my pants. I’ve come to the realization that i can’t handle celebrity. Not even celebrity though like just people that i think are incredibly talented or wonderful and admire. I’m very not talented in many areas so I’m easily impressed with everyone and like i CANT HANDLE YOU BECAUSE I THINK YOURE GREAT AT THE THING YOU DO.

"quote me out of context a lot after i die"

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When you’re smarter than most of the boys who try to keep up with you and you’re not afraid to demonstrate it, bitch is the word they like to use to make sure you don’t raise your hand in class anymore

When you’ve had sex with someone else and you won’t with another guy, slut…


Going to School



Going to School


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Just cut off about a foot of my hair. I didn’t want it to be the cliched “girl chops off her hair in a semi panic at 2am” buuuut……